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Unscripted with Barrie MacLeod

A raw visual portrait of my good friend Barrie MacLeod. He is a retired software engineer and a tech geek who found his passion for aviation. I asked him if I could shoot a cinematic portrait for my ongoing Unscripted series and a week later we were in the air.

The voice over is a small portion of the conversation we had prior to take flight going over the flight details.

Shot on location inside a Cessna 172SP.

Credits: Music by Ryan Taubert

Unscripted with Samantha Molnar

A raw visual portrait of Samantha Molnar. I filmed this piece in the corridor of the studio I was working then under a stripe of standard industrial fluorescent light.

Voice over by Tom O'Bedlam
Words by Charles Bukowski
Music by Jeff Russo

Unscripted with Janika Spooner

A raw visual portrait of Janika Spooner. I filmed this piece in an underground parking garage under one industrial ceiling light.

Credits: Music by Mica Levi

Unscripted with Mara Delrose

A raw visual portrait of tattoo artist Mara Delrose. I filmed this piece at her home studio while she was working on a charcoal portrait of the poet, Dante Alighieri. Afterwards, she posed with her custom studded vintage deep sea diving helmet.

Unscripted with Joey Sherrett

A raw visual portrait of my music producer friend Joey. Filmed on location inside his room while he was working on his album.