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Poster Porn - Episode 2

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

Come and witness The Posterz’ bass dropping rampage in this second episode of Poster Porn, chronicling their NXNE 2014 performances in Toronto – Vice Island, Tattoo, and Bruise Cruise (watch episode 1 here). This philosophical ass feature (with cameos from Bruce Lee and shit) gives a slight behind the scenes glimpse of Pharrell-looking boys of The Posterz as they prepare for and celebrate their first ever time at NXNE – a performance which marks the largest concert the trio have ever taken part in. Come along for the ride, filmed by Vinoth Varatharajan. - Words by Kazie Holiday at The Hundreds.







Following the first episode, The Posterz commissioned me to shoot the second episode. This time, following them on a 3 day journey to the NXNE music festival in Toronto. This episode captures the highlights of their performances in various venues including a stage on the lower deck of a boat and their lifestyle off performance.