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The world was build by hand. Brick by brick. Page by page. Lines by lines. This videos is about a community of people that collaborates to create a more personal browsing experience. A nonprofit, independent browser built by thousands of die-hard volunteers all over the world who wholeheartedly believe in privacy and personal freedom on the Web. In an age where big data is invading our lives, this isn’t just a campaign to help Firefox gain millions of new downloads. This is personal. Welcome to Firefox. (Summary from the agency.)






I was invited to the set to watch the magic behind the making of this film. Given some shots that required multi pass with the motion controlled camera rig (the brick by brick hands are 3 separate shots for each brick inserted.), I started to cut the film in the greenroom as I was handled the rushes from the DIT. The rest of the edit and post was done at The Workshop.

Client : Mozilla Firefox
Agency : Mono
Directors : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel
Post-production: The Workshop
Editor: Vinoth Varatharajan ◀
Art Director : Louisa Schabas
Art Department : Alex Hercule, Catherine Portvin, Antonin Sorel, Frédéric Bouin, Simon Besré, Ismael Tremblay
Prop : Carl Pépin
Hair and Make-up Artist : Léonie Lévesque
Stylist : Very Much

Behind the scenes...