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From the initial conception to upload, this project took two months to complete. I shot, cut and graded the entire music video with a skeleton crew of three people including the artists. This project was a huge learning curve as I learned to use the DJI Ronin stabilizing system, controlling a pack of 30 extras, logistics, production delays, pre-production, working with artists with unique set of mentalities, weather issues, personal issues, schedule conflict, rental, budget and list goes on. This film is also a bit unconventional for me as I'm used to a handheld documentary shooting style. In the end, all came out great.   

Montreal-based hip-hop trio The Posterz liken the atmosphere of the city to that of a jungle in the video for their new song, “Bulalay (Welcome to the Junga).” In the clip, premiering today on The FADER, the boys run amok through what feels like an almost post-apocalyptic city, riding in the back of a pick-up truck, waving black rebel flags, and shooting guns. There’s a kind of Lord of the Flies vibe to it all, just with more weed and city hustling. I’m a weed representative/ No flexin’ today/ No stressin’/ I’m good, raps Husser.

”To us that’s what it is, the world is the just a jungle, everywhere is the same If we look at it logically and realistically, the real world is the spirit world,” said the Posterz in an email to The FADER. “Bulalay is a minimal hip-hop beat with tribal vibes. It’s leaving a lot of room for Husser and $pirit’s vocals to shine. The goal with this song was to represent a good day in the jungle. A happy day in the lives of $pirit and Husser. Festive vibes.
— Fader

Client: The Posterz
Director, DP, Editor, Grade : Vinoth Varatharajan
Post-production: The Workshop
Stylist : Kruger

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