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Jade Raymond - Future of Storytelling

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Here is a piece I directed/edited for Future Of Storytelling. Thanks to Luke Jarvis, Carolyn Merriman, Jeremy Boxer at Melcher Media for this incredible oppurtunity and Angele Lapointe, Cornelia Brumarescu at EA Studios and Jade Raymond!

I always idolized her ever since I started to play Assassin's Creed and getting an opportunity to explore her way of thinking was literally a once in a lifetime moment. This project was a bit surreal to me and I'm working on a "making of" of how all of this came together with filmmaking tips and insights for those who regularly inquires me about my workflow. Stay tuned!

Future of Storytelling - Jade Raymond, Group General Manager for Electronic Arts, has overseen the development of some of the gaming world’s most successful franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Star Wars.

As Raymond points out, video games have come a long way from their pixelated beginnings but are still evolving as a medium. With that evolution comes new opportunities for different models of storytelling and engagement: most notably, the development of what Raymond dubs the “ecosystem model,” in which players, viewers, co-creators, broadcasters, commentators, and others can all play a role in expanding the story line of a video game together. 

Raymond explores what it means to blur the line between creator and audience, and how to create a story that will live on through its fans.

Client: Melcher Media & Future Of StoryTelling | Director / Editor:Vinoth Varatharajan | Director of PhotographyAlexandre De Bellefeuille | Producer:Virginie Tremblay | Creative Producer: Jeremy Boxer | Producer at Melcher: Luke JarvisSound techIlya Pauly | Sound Mix: Vision Sonique | Special ConsultantJean-François Tremblay | Music by: Marmoset

Couple of BTS.

unscripted with barrie macleod

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A raw visual portrait of my good friend Barrie MacLeod. He is a retired software engineer and a tech geek who found a passion for aviation. I asked him if I could shoot a cinematic portrait for my ongoing "Unscripted" series and a week later we were in the air. The voice over is a small portion of the conversation we had prior to take flight going over the flight details. Shot on location inside a Cessna 172SP.

Credits: Music by Ryan Taubert

First day of school.

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Today marks the first day of school for my daughter. As much as she I'm excited for her learning, I'm also petrified in regards to my education on raising a child as a single father. The only way I know how to deal with my emotions is through creation. This is my first piece. My advice piece to my daughter in form of moving images. As much as it's her first chapter, it also marks a chapter in my school of life.

19-2 // Season 3 Promo Shorts

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I was commissioned to edit 13 shorts to promote the 3rd season of the police drama 19-2 airing on Bravo. I worked alongside with the series director Lynne Kamm to create the promo snippets. Such a cool human being to work with in this industry. 

You can view all the episodes on the series Facebook page or by downloading the Bravo app. Below are some photos taken during the process of making these shorts. 

Ben Up - The Posterz Music Video

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We shot the music video within a span of 6 hours in an underground parking lot. To add some flavour, we tied a transparent shower curtain onto the led pipes and my buddy was fanning with a piece of cardboard to give a practical wind effect. We wrapped up the film with some live concert footage to tie-in the release of the video with The Posterz performance at SXSW 2016.

On their most recent EP Junga, Montreal trio The Posterz rap about navigating life in the city, or what they call the “concrete jungle.” In their new music video for EP standout “Ben Up,” Kris the $pirit gives us a tutorial on how to stay up by staying true to yourself, accompanied by a melodic hook from Husser and guest backing vocalist Kali Pop. Using live drums, guitars, and a wild vocal effect, in-house producer Joey Sherrett cooks up the eerie instrumental that ultimately inspired the gloomy, pensive clip.

“Despite our hardships, we handle them the only way we know how,” The Posterz told Complex via email. “Sometimes life doesn’t always give you the best situations, and you can get ‘ben’ out of shape. But we rise above it and continue.”

You can watch the Vinoth Varatharajan-directed visual for “Ben Up” above.
— Complex
Although the settings of underground parking garage and Glad bag-wallpapered murder room are miles away from the vibrant excursion of “Bulalay (Welcome To Junga),” both clips draw the viewer in with an impressive cinematic edge. As a tune, “Ben Up” is as grey and disorienting as its visuals in its movement from smoke-stacked turn-up to ‘90s alt-rock fade-out. It’s not a soca anthem, but it’ll still compel you to move.
— Fader

Client: The Posterz
Director, DP, Editor, Grade : Vinoth Varatharajan
Post-production: The Workshop
Stylist : Kruger

Behind the scenes...

Unscripted with Mara Delrose

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Another short visual portrait of portrait tattoo artist and model Mara Delrose. I filmed this piece at her studio while she was working on completing a charcoal portrait of the poet, Dante Alighieri. Afterwards, she posed with her custom studded vintage deep sea diving helmet. Nothing pretentious behind the piece.


Unscripted with Joey

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I made this short visual portrait of my music producer friend Joey. I was at his place for dinner with his father on a summer evening and fell in love with the gigantic window spilling a shade of golden light. What started as a conversation on his upcoming projects ended up being a monologue. 


Woulg - A Short Doc

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I was commissioned by Greg Debicki to shoot a short film documenting his glitch music performance art. This piece is very special to me as it marks my first project to have music and sound both composed and designed for the film. 

Check out Greg's work here.

Some production stills.