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The Posterz

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

Let me start off by stating, I vouch the accurate description on their Facebook page. That being said - I had the chance to meet The Posterz while covering A$AP Ferg’s - Turnt x Burnt tour in Montreal. After the sound check, we went for a bite. And these guys have a taste for a good meal and I love that!

It’s during that epic meal time, I acknowledged how much we both have in common - in our own way. We both understand or dare I say – we have a clear notion on using our talent slash passion into - commercial creativity - which leads into - a returnable business - which leads to sustainability. The whole theory behind Holy Grail’s “Thanks For Warning”.

It felt like an intense Shark Tank session over charcoal chicken, pommes frites and salad. I was glad to meet the guys and the management team behind them. There are two bodies who takes care of  the administration portion and I truly managed to witness the grind that night. 

The talents on the other end is all about…well…talent. They are young, but for their age - calm and grounded. They take their craft seriously. They are not in it for the temporary egoistic social media fame, teeny bopper comments or even to validate their “life” thru Instagram. They have an authentic style. They just want to create good music with less imitation and more inspiration. When asked the meaning behind The Posterz, I was given a solid answer which was refreshing to hear.

At the end of the day and my reason to even write a few words about them is this - Appreciation -.  It started off with an email – then a phone conversation. Which is VERY rare these days and I’m an advocate of phone convos and face to face meetings when talking business. I was greeted with a southern hospitality with a “Did you eat? Do you want something to drink?”  then the rest. I’ve been in lot of meetings and trust me, those simple yet powerful sentences can – [ and this is solely my opinion ] – can make or break a professional relationship. Not the food part, but the appreciation part. How much you show appreciation tells me how much you care about your own self and gives me a clear idea whether to deal with you or not.  On that note, I see myself cooking with The Posterz if the right project comes along.

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