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Location Scout - Hilary Hahn Music Video Director Project

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

I'm working on a music video director contest for two-time Grammy-winning American violinist Hilary Hahn for her piece called "133... At Least." composed by the master James Newton Howard himself. Early this year, I was a runner-up on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's video director contest for their piece " Bom Bom " - peek it here. It gave me a huge boost in exposure and determination. Win or loose, I can only imagine the outcome with this project and it's grandeur with the people involved.

This time however, I will be correcting some of the mistakes to gain one thing only - Time! I have a script translated into screenplay and it's ready to go.

I will be working with Sam as this piece is all about human emotions and not just pretty mundane shots. I will be shooting a solid 75% of the screen time in a forest and today was location scouting. These photos will be serving as references on where the principal shoot will take place.

Check back as I post more - making of -  as the project progresses. Photos taken with iPhone.