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To me, this lady is the pure definition behind the meaning of self sacrifice and a guide on how to care for someone else. Sadly, I'm still learning those skills. She made her children the only purpose in life and for that I owe her everything. Most of all I admire her for not clipping my wings on my journey to finding my purpose. 

That being said, I'm with Lisa on this one. [Jump after photo.]

Manager: Okay, people, we need to cook up a new holiday for the summer. Something with gifts, cards, assorted gougeables.

Sales Rep: How about something religious? We had great penetration last spring with Christmas Two.

Manager: Oh, I know. Spendover, like Passover, less talk, more presents.

Manager: No, no, no! No, it's gotta be warm and fuzzy. Some like, um, "Love Day", but not so lame.

[cut to the Simpsons home several days later]

Marge Simpson: Happy Love Day, everyone!

Lisa Simpson: Come on, Mom, The stores just invented this holiday to make money.

Homer Simpson: Lisa, don't you ruin another Love Day.