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Calvin Harris - Coachella 2016 Stage Visuals Edit

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

A little stage visuals I edited for Calvin Harris’ Coachella 2016 performance for Silent Partners in collaboration with The WorkshopYou can see the track I worked on in frame 26…31…35. It was for a track called “Outside”. Whoever took this video, thank you. 

Here is a quick technical breakdown behind the stage visuals.

The frame is a direct screen grab from the editing suite measuring an unusual size of 4876 x 2374. This is due to the projected stage wall size of around 200 feet in width [see at 0:31 mark in the video]. On top of that, there is a moving DJ booth in the middle and on top of that, there is this God's eye type of solaris triangle that emits eye blinding strobes at one eights of a second and to top it all off, fireworks!!

Back to the tech stuff. The edit was a combination of two layers. One being the x-ray vision blue tone and the other being the filler to certain parts of the x-ray visions to act as a full injected tone of red. In basic, I played with both tones to build the hype and the drop for the track. 

The whole reason behind these two tone edit is to have control over the colors once it's synced into the lighting system. Once synced, the tones can be manipulated into various colors via dmx or Digital MultipleX.

Softwares  - The x-ray machine parts were created in Maya, edited in Premiere Pro and composited in After Effects at The Workshop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you!