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I've gone off grid à la Bourne for a while due to work and personal affairs. However, I try to stay updated on my tumblr. Jay Z's Holy Grail track contains a repetitive sound snippet that goes "Thanks for warning." There is a logic behind that warning. Here are some of them.

So, after all the bright lights,  set food,  client meetings,  hair pulling arguments,  convincing clients to take risks,  political emails,  congratulatory emails,  betrayal emails,  congratulatory in person yet the same individual betraying on your back emails,  frightening pitch meetings,  finger crossings for pitch approvals,  legs crossing for budget approvals,  drafting contracts,  preparing invoices,  sending diplomatic emails to collect outstanding balances,  stealth sneaking by the landlord's office because you ran out of excuses to the overdue rent because the client haven't wired you the funds yet,  system failures,  gear malfunctions,  talent arriving late,  unpredictable weather,  unpredictable unpredictabilities,  pulling a one night stand,  pulling a two nights stand,  pulling a three nights stand,  pulling an all weeker,  get infected with racoon eye socket syndrome,  eating overpriced food at a hipster joint with a cool name and logo,  drinking overpriced green bio shit at a hipster joint with a cool name and logo,  one eye twitching due to lack of caffeine, both eyes twitching due to overdose of caffeine,  sleeping in a sofa,  sleeping on the editing desk, drooling on the keyboard,  editing software crash causing a day worth of cuts unrecoverable,  at that very moment - thoughts of performing a seppuku,  then realizing you don't own a sword,  two hours of render only to crash at the last two minutes,  finding creative solutions to stall the client on delivery,  apologizing to the client,  apologizing to the producers,  apologizing to the directors,  apologizing to my mother for missing dinner,  apologizing to my sister for missing breakfast,  apologizing to my daughter for not slaying the dragon before saving the princess,  apologizing to my lover over emails,  apologizing to my lover over voicemails,  apologizing to my lover over facetime,  apologizing to my lover over phone calls and the list goes on.

So, why I do this? Because at the end of all the headaches, I can proudly say - I MADE THAT!

Thank you to all the producers, directors and agencies for giving me the opportunity to play a vital role in bringing their projects and vision to life. To my family, thank you for putting with my sometime pragmatic, otherwise unrealistic mooning behavior. And thanks for my amour for simply; putting up with me.

Thank you!