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Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

The Posterz are a three-piece from Montreal who boast some great self-annointed credentials: Husser "the hood punk", Kri$ the $pirit "the neurotic second coming of Nas", and Joey Sherrett "the weirdo production braniac". Following up the group's last single "All I Know" comes "Rumble", which we're premiering above. Watch and delight in the video's aesthetics, as the group roll through subway carriages, doing chin-ups, and mobbing past tower blocks.

"Rumble" is taken from the group's new EP Junga, which will drop before Spring is up. Catch The Posterz on May 13th at Birthdays. Tickets here. Click attending here!  They're also playing The Great Escape May 14th.

Credits: Words by Noisey /  Directed by The Posterz / Filmed by Afolabi Mamba Patrice Idowu / Edited by Vinoth Varatharajan