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So, I love The Posterz and they love me (???). Professionally, we cooked 3 major projects [here, here and here] or simply do a search. Privately, our relationship is based on a true romance with respect and honesty towards our craft. Visions and goals are included. Fictitious applauds are not included. I can safely say that, those are couple of reasons behind their growth.

RUMBLE // is their upcoming music video filmed in the banlieus and the catacombs in the city of love during their Obey The Lawless Euro Tour. Shot by Afolabi Mamba in the banlieu of Clichy-sous-Bois. For those who don't know, the super low income immigration housing projects served as the backdrop for Justice's music video Stress shot by Mr. Romain Gavras and the French classi-que film, La Haine directed by Mr. Mathieu  Kassovitz.

We gave our best for this visual piece given the impractical amount of technical difficulties, limited resources and deadlines. All the hard work paid off with interest when we watched the final cut projected exclusively to an enormous group of fans. Seeing and feeling their reaction was an x-file on it's own! The bonus payoff was that, the music video was simultaneously projected in 5 cities around the planet. Watch out for the official release on Tuesday, March 31st 2015.

INSPIRATION // The Posterz assigned me the task to cut and grade the footage annnddd given the way it was shot, naturally I leaned towards an art not imitating life approach. Dirty and disturbed yet inviting and horny. I watched La Haine [probably for the 20th time in 3 decades], Man Bites Dog, Sid And Nancy and Gavras's complete filmography to analyze and take notes.

Credits: Track // RUMBLE // Filmed by Afolabi Mamba Patrice Idowu // Cut & Grade by Vinoth Varatharajan // Screened on Friday, 13th March 2015 at: MASSIVart 6th Anniversary Party, Montreal CANADA || Salon Officiel, Montreal CANADA || Viva Lounge Montreal, CANADA || Crawford, Toronto CANADA || Knickerbockers, California USA || Big Bang Gang, Paris FRANCE || Le Baron De Paris, Tokyo JAPAN || Presented by  MASSIVart