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My buddy Nissan invited me to attend a fashion show at the Phi Center. Honestly speaking, I'm a guy with absolutely no sense of fashion. However, I love the whole runway experience. I must confess that I felt a bit intimidated and unearthly by the crowd. I guess I was more curious on validating the authenticity of the people than simply enjoying the show. Note to myself; need to practice ignorance. However, one person I have not ignored was Mr.Yannick Fornacciari. I've seen his work but never met him in person. Easily a humble human being.

Credits: Partners // ALDO, DULCEDO // Art Director // Marc-Tavio Folly / Commity / Laurence Perusse, Samantha Daoust, Farah Benosman // Graphics // Mireille Dupont // Presenters // PEDRAM KARIMI / DES ROSIERS / LES INCOMPETENTS / GABRIEL DROLET-MAGUIRE

Yannick Fornacciari and his partner.