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I had the privilege to assist at Talib Kweli's conference where he discussed about his experience on the Ferguson incident. Most recently he made headlines when he appeared on CNN speaking with anchor Don Lemon about the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

During the interview, Talib was critical of Lemon and CNN for their coverage of the events, questioning the accuracy of their accounts of the situation which didn't match up what he says he experienced first-hand during the protests. The evening was hosted by Cult MTL's Darcy MacDonald.

After the conference, we [myself, a buddy of mine along side with Nate from The Posterz] had the chance to talk privately with Mr.Kweli on a vital issue; Police brutality. Without going into further details, I would like to say that something is in the work to bring the issue to the spotlight. Updates will be posted.

It was just surreal when I think how I first discovered him in my high school days and fast forward a decade to the conference and the moment I handled my contact card and a hand shake before closing the door. A massive shout out to my buddy Nissan for the invite. Without his network of some key people, we wouldn't be able to pull off the private q/a session.