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If raising two kids single-handedly in a short-sighed culture itself is not strong enough - I'm not quite sure what else can be there to portray the definition of strong. To top it off, she survived a fire which wiped all her belongings, had to witness my shitty divorce and custody battle and my short downfall. Without a doubt, she is a pillar for my rise! 

This year, I took her to shop for plants as she is embarking on gardening! Sis joined for a brunch, mani and pedi. With all the toughness of my mom possess, she is still afraid of heights and refused to watch Spider-Man 2. 

Oh, and this post was her idea because she wanted to tell her sisters to go see her photos!

Mom scavenging the remain after the fire.  (2010)

Waiting for the owner to show the apartment. (2010)

Within a week after the fire, the mother of my child filed for divorce. The whole "fire" situation took a chuck out of our mental and physical state. 

This is where my mom shines. She is such a strong lady that for once, she gave ME strength to rise. I will never forget those days.