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Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

I’ve been asked numerous times to enlist my favorite films. Although it’s an impossible task, I’ve showcased ten of my go-to films. These and a few others among the same class are the ones I go to when I’m blocked in my filmmaking process.

Au contraire to popular beliefs, I’m not a huge fan of Hollywood action explosion masala. The typical blue and orange color scheme. I love diving into narratives. The history and mémoires of the characters. In other words, the thought process of the characters - that is a fascinating thing!

To me, a good film is an exhibition of the thought process of the portrayed characters. The exposure of the complexity of human emotions and feelings in a raw format. 

As a personal preference, I dig stories in which the character is placed in an emotional spectrum – right vs. wrong. Whether it’s a Manhattan based lawyer who finds calm by walking towards three horses in a countryside hill or the resurrection of a beaten wrestler trying to redeem his life by connecting with his daughter.

I love the battle they put on while sliding side-to-side on the spectrum. Ultimately, I dig films about choices and it’s consequences.