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Here is the final result of the final music video I co-edited with the director duo - Stephane Grasso + Michael Shu. This project marks my very first experience handling Arri Alexa footage. Surprisingly, my 2010 iMac handled the cut like melting butter. My only tip would be to cut with proxy [Prores] files offline and then replace it with either RAW or HQ linking back to online. Cut on Premiere Pro. A huge thanks to Hervé for giving me the opportunity to work on this projectt.

Credits: Artist | Pierre Kwenders Track | Mardi Gras | Directors: Epher Heilland | Production: Roméo et Fils | Producer: Martin Henri | Producer: Gilles Pinaudeau | DP: Simon-Pierre Gingras | 1st AC : Pierric Soucy | Makeup: Janick Sabourin Poirier | Art Direction: Laurence Ward | Coordination: Gabryelle Côté | Editing: Epher Heilland | Additional Editing:  Vinoth Varatharajan | VFX: Alexander Marks | Camera Equipement: Département Caméra | Stereoscopique Rig: Jean-Pascal Gauthier