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I was cooped inside an editing suite for six weeks cutting this video. Among some of my previous work, the one I've just completed rates the most challenging. It's simple. Very simple. Yet, complicated. Very complicated.

Also, with the assistance of professionals in the child psychiatry division, it's now proven that I'm a victim of parental alienation. But of course, the judicial system doesn't give half a fuck and the court papers are like Facebook security features - a colossal joke.

Still, I managed to squeeze in some time watch this film. And this one. And this. And this one as well. Films are therapy to me.

Then this one. I watched it three times. First time viewing, I was holding my emotions because I was sitting in the center row, sold out crowd in an advanced screening. Second time viewing, I made sure to choose the last row, last seat so I can free my emotions. Unsuccessful. Somebody beat me in the choose your seat screen.

Third time is a charm they say. No pun intended. Still no luck. Fuck it. I chose the front row, last seat. Then came that scene. That particular scene. That very specific scene. There I was...every single hair on my body stood up and my heart started to race, sweat beads started to form all over my face, my lips started to tremble and I let it rip -- I cried. I cried hard. I cried the hardest. My shoulder blades were galloping. Yes, I cried that hard. More harder than here. I'm confident that people behind me saw me weeping but I couldn't care less. Once I was able to calm myself down, I immediately left the theater. Thank you Mr.Nolan.

Oh yeah, then I went for a walk in the forest yada yada...and took the following shots of myself bla bla bla...120mm pish posh...It's winter and it's beautiful and I skip subjects.