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The power of an iPhone, in the palm of my hand!

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

Bart Simpson said it best - "You think you're cool because you buy a five-hundred-dollar phone with a picture of a fruit on it? Well, guess what. They cost eight bucks to make and I pee on every one!"

That being said, I purchased one couple of weeks ago. Relax. I just purchased. No plan. No data. Nothing. The last thing I want to spend my hard earned dolla dolla bills is to refill an iPhone bill every month in the ball park of $100. I'm happy with my cheap no brand ( no seriously  it ain't got no brand!) Android mobile phone which cost less than half of the forbidden fruit's monthly fees. After all, it's a mobile phone. You use it when you are mobile! 

Anyways, I wanted to purchase a point and shoot as an everyday camera. Portable yet, one that has manual controls to manipulate light to my taste and the way I wish to present it. I decided to go with an iPhone4 for three principal reasons versus the other guys. 1) It's an iPod touch. I travel via public transit. Long ass ride to work. So I need some sort of musical feed and occasionally watch movies. I'm a visual guy, c'mon. 2) Camera and editing - all in one platform. Saves time on editing daily photos. No imports. No catalogs. No conversion. No memory cards. No cable. No cluster. As said by Jamie Foxx in Miami Vice - "Smooth. That's how we do it." 3) Universal portability and connectivity. I could take a shot, edit and upload to my social platforms while sipping a latte at Starbucks. Hipster douchebag much?  

As added bonus features, the day I could afford for data fees, I'm ready to rock without any contract and I got it used for less than $200!

Here are some of the shots. Last Sunday, I strolled around the neighbourhood which could hold my future domicile; Old Port of Montreal. The buildings has textures. The architectures has symmetry. They are full of grace and elegance. I don't know what it is and couldn't figure out for the life of me, but I have this inducement towards windows. Windows and reflexions. From my short motion visuals to stills, windows and reflexions are exposed generously. 

For the first time, I left my DSLR at home and I can confidently say, not for a single moment I wished I had it as a back up. I won't say the iPhone allowed me to go places where the DSLR couldn't. That will be bullshit. Regardless the tool, you should be able to go places. One tool might be heavier that the other but still, you should be able to get there. However, I would say the iPhone granted me to creatively explore places rather than to just go. Get it? No? Good. Now go explore creatively. Take your time. Breathe. Don't just point and shoot. Relax. Compose. No clients here. No art directors. No creative directors. You got all the time in the world. You get what I'm tryin' to say son?

I'm a feind of the Napoleonic era and Old Port is overflowed by that ambience and appearance. Except for the Porsche Panamera.