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Peace Beyond The Pines

Added on by Vinoth Varatharajan.

When you get an invitation to spend a weekend at a private villa in the hinterland, a place beyond the pines, and I mean that literally, you accept it without asking further questions. The purpose: to mingle with a bunch of insanely talented artisans to do one thing and one thaaang only: produce music! Pure authentic sounds conceived from scratch. Terrell and Salvo were working on their duo mixtape project and asked me if I would join them to document the happening.  Uhh…fuck yes?!!

I love the word “process” and I love to document it. By the way, this whole “process” was sparked couple of weeks earlier when we all united to rejoice our invested hard work put in for Macklemore’s music video director contest. It’s there that I got the invite. 

I love when life works in an accidental way, when you just let things go. You connect with the right people at the right time that shares the same passion and drive as you. And that night, the boys from Big Dreams popped in to create a collabo and record a track live! Trust me, there was an overflow of creativity, passion, hard work and sleep sacrifice. Loved every moment of it!