Cutting fish. Cooking fish. Giving away my studio and throwing out unnecessary dust collecting prints. Ohh and last week, I totally forgot to put up my best buddy in the whole wide world - Naala


Couple of weeks ago, I posted some photos from my phone of a Kubrick-ish bloody red lit room. Well, here is the final product. Give it a watch and download The Posterz free mixtape here.

SHOOTING AT ZERO DARKNESS - This has to be one of my difficult shoot as I absolutely had no space to move. Furthermore, the place was lit as if "the world's most dangerous man himself was hiding inside". The entire room was lit with a bulb dipped in paint - bloody red.

Shinning a light to a group of partygoers who are in a photosensitive trance is equivalent to exposing daylight to the "Darkseekers" as seen in I Am Legend. Some hissed. Some gave me the dirty look. One of them wanted to fight me. It's not a great idea to shove a fist when holding valuable gear on your shoulder, especially when it's rental.

I had to come up with a plan if I wanted to shoot peacefully and in safety. I told one of the manager to cover my back throughout the whole night. It worked like a charm! The other manager was holding the mic.

AUDIO - Although this project was a la guerilla filmmaking style, I wanted to capture clean audio. Knowing there will be dialogues between the subjects, I had no choice but to use dual systems method to record all audio. All audio was recorded using field mic and later synced in post. 

POST / GRADING - Final cut was graded using Red Giant's Colorista ll. Grading dark shades of skin is a huge task. The most challenging part on this project was to light the skin tones accordingly. While filming, I had to continuously adjust the temperature of the light with a dimmer according to whom I was pointing at. By correcting all lighting on camera, it was much easier to grade. It's a bit of work but saves a hefty weight of headache in post! [ For the curious out there, I hotshoed this LED. ] 

It is best to have a reference point for colour, feel and an overall atmosphere. For this project, I used N.E.R.D.'s Lapdance as a navigational guide.

There you have it. The great "thing" about creating is that, there is always a solution. Regardless the toughness of a project, with the right tools, careful preparation and a "Johnny-on-the-spot" attitude, you can bring it to life.

A huge thanks to the management team of The Posterz for coordinating the logistics and equipment rental!


It's inevitable - I love films. Period. Also inevitable is the fact that I love the aspect ratios. All my films are shot with an unusual distance so I can cut anywhere between 2.35:1 to 2.40:1 in post. Last week's photos were shot purposely by playing with distance to imitate the perspective of an anamorphic lens. All shot with an iPhone's standard ratio and then cut with the CineCrop app. Last week was rainy, woke up at dawn around 5ish for the eerie dark blue sky and spent the weekend in Toronto.  


I'm looking into rotating camera shots for a project. The confrontational scene from Thalapathi has an interesting way of building emotions and tension. Surely noted. Took advantage of the great weather and had a dilemma on which film to watch. My mother cooked grilled chicken with asparagus, mushroom, potato curry and chopped pineapples.