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Growing up, I was that socially awkward kid with a heavy nomadic lifestyle travelling all over India with my mother. Words were lost during those travels. Communication was missed. Emotions were meaningless.

Till this day, I speak by referencing visual cues and write with micro details hoping to pass a clear message. 

With this peculiar type of interaction, chasing curiosity becomes second nature and converting ideas into visual narration becomes more gratifying.  

Maybe that's why I dig roaming on tight budget, world cinema, documentaries and filmmaker’s commentaries.

I'm based in Montreal but if a project calls for sleeping on the sidewalks of the Dharavi slums, I'm down for that too!

Did I mention, I love a good breakfast? Let's talk!

Selected Clients

Bravo! / CBC / Firefox / Sony / Sony Music Canada / RedBull Records / Vans / Columbia Records / The MuseBox


Please get in touch with me by phone or email. You can also contact me through the form below. Thank you.

 TEL: 514-652-1907


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