I was cooped inside an editing suite for six weeks cutting this video. Among some of my previous work, the one I've just completed rates the most challenging. It's simple. Very simple. Yet, complicated. Very complicated.

Also, with the assistance of professionals in the child psychiatry division, it's now proven that I'm a victim of parental alienation. But of course, the judicial system doesn't give half a fuck and the court papers are like Facebook security features - a colossal joke.

Still, I managed to squeeze in some time watch this film. And this one. And this. And this one as well. Films are therapy to me.

Then this one. I watched it three times. First time viewing, I was holding my emotions because I was sitting in the center row, sold out crowd in an advanced screening. Second time viewing, I made sure to choose the last row, last seat so I can free my emotions. Unsuccessful. Somebody beat me in the choose your seat screen.

Third time is a charm they say. No pun intended. Still no luck. Fuck it. I chose the front row, last seat. Then came that scene. That particular scene. That very specific scene. There I was...every single hair on my body stood up and my heart started to race, sweat beads started to form all over my face, my lips started to tremble and I let it rip -- I cried. I cried hard. I cried the hardest. My shoulder blades were galloping. Yes, I cried that hard. More harder than here. I'm confident that people behind me saw me weeping but I couldn't care less. Once I was able to calm myself down, I immediately left the theater. Thank you Mr.Nolan.

Oh yeah, then I went for a walk in the forest yada yada...and took the following shots of myself bla bla bla...120mm pish posh...It's winter and it's beautiful and I skip subjects.


Come and witness The Posterz’ bass dropping rampage in this second episode of Poster Porn, chronicling their NXNE 2014 performances in Toronto – Vice Island, Tattoo, and Bruise Cruise (watch episode 1 here). This philosophical ass feature (with cameos from Bruce Lee and shit) gives a slight behind the scenes glimpse of Pharrell-looking boys of The Posterz as they prepare for and celebrate their first ever time at NXNE – a performance which marks the largest concert the trio have ever taken part in. Come along for the ride, filmed by Vinoth Varatharajan.

Words by Kazie Holiday - A huge thanks to The Hundreds and The Posterz! Check out the Episode 1 here.

I will be posting a breakdown of the whole process of filming and editing of this film in the upcoming weeks. For now, here is the inspiration behind the episode's intro sequence. A cross bred of intros of the Golden Era of adult films and Indian movies.


Traditionalism is fucking boring. So...I know a guy - who knows a girl - who knows a girl - who opened a hipster food joint. She said the website is in need of freshly shot culinary photos. I asked her if it's cool to shoot it with my phone? She said as long as it looks good. I showed her some samples. We in business. Oh...and also shot a music video for them Zoo Legacy boys and took a creepy self portrait.


So...right after the Zoo Legacy's show [the post below], the guys went for the after-party and sadly, I went to the Greyhound station to catch the last bus to Toronto. But -- once I had a good breakfast with my cousin, I was happy again. Then sad. Then happy. Then sad. Then happy. Then I wasn't sure how or what to feel anymore. Then I saw it. I saw the sign! I'm a huge fan of the series. I've seen it all and the two movies. I mean, HUGE fan. I mean, I was about to get "Trust No One" inked. I was gazing at the sign and I remembered the episode.

Mulder: Scully, I was like you once. I didn't know who to trust. Then I... I chose another path... another life, another fate, where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant. My touchstone.

Scully: And you are mine.

And that...that made my freaking day!


This makes the second time that I'm witnessing the guys perform live and in the words of my good friend Jeremy Jahns, the homecoming show of Zoo Legacy's "The Flight Risk" tour was awesometacular! The show was held as part of the E.L.E. Fest at the University of Ottawa. Always a good feeling playing at home. The soirée was closed by a spirited performance by Vancouver based hip-hop artist SonReal. And yes, you are correct! I was editing the photos while listening to "Flashing...Lights..Lights...Lights" on repeat. That flute made do it.


I take pride [sometimes] on being a Jake Hoyt when it comes to blazing. However, when you are inside a 100 ft2 studio room, ten feet below the earth's surface [literally], with 4 people blazing, you are aimed to get some sort of contact high. Till today I'm not certain what exactly happened or how I behaved. I do remember that, I was editing these photos while being under the influence. It sounds cool when I say "I was under the influence of such and such outlawed drug(?)".


I did this interview last June [2013] for a student at Prasad Film And Tv Academy in Chennai, India and I've accumulated a bag full of more questions since. My craft grew. My clients grew. My business sense grew and I dropped my day job. A lot of things have changed in the past 15 months. It's only fair to answer the questions since I have/and can answer from my own personal growth in this industry.

You can ask me anything from my work to where I'm hosting my portfolio to the ever annoying what gear do I use. Any questions, please feel free to leave in my contact page through the contact form. It's easier for me to segregate that way. Kindly, do not use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as I'm not active in those platforms. Thank you!

The video is about 30 minutes so to all the ADDs out there, here is a list of questions for the video above.

1:18 - About me
1:50 - How did I get started
2:54 - Education
4:28 - Why Street Photography
6:45 - Photography or Filmmaking
7:10 - Directing or Director Of Photography
7:39 - Qualification for a filmmaker
8:10 - How do you get work
8:30 - About the new world Internet
9:18 - My take on Tamil Cinema
10:00 - My first film - In Tamil or English
10:49 - Favorite Tamil Cinematographers
11:22 - Favorite Tamil Directors
12:35 - Does quality of camera matters or not
13:42 - Challenges on my work
15:14 - Dealing with disagreements
16:36 - Mistakes / Lessons
17:25 - Inspirations
18:41 - Sexuality on my work
23:48 - Advice for upcoming visual artists
25:30 - Business advice
26:29 - Being lonely and Soul searching


I had the privilege to assist at Talib Kweli's conference where he discussed about his experience on the Ferguson incident. Most recently he made headlines when he appeared on CNN speaking with anchor Don Lemon about the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown.

During the interview, Talib was critical of Lemon and CNN for their coverage of the events, questioning the accuracy of their accounts of the situation which didn't match up what he says he experienced first-hand during the protests. The evening was hosted by Cult MTL's Darcy MacDonald.

After the conference, we [myself, a buddy of mine along side with Nate from The Posterz] had the chance to talk privately with Mr.Kweli on a vital issue; Police brutality. Without going into further details, I would like to say that something is in the work to bring the issue to the spotlight. Updates will be posted.

It was just surreal when I think how I first discovered him in my high school days and fast forward a decade to the conference and the moment I handled my contact card and a hand shake before closing the door. A massive shout out to my buddy Nissan for the invite. Without his network of some key people, we wouldn't be able to pull off the private q/a session.